Legendary Tales

Legendary Tales 1.6

Legendary Tales consists of two programs, an engine and an editor

Legendary Tales consists of two programs, an engine and an editor. You can use the editor to write text-based role-playing games that can be played with the engine through a GUI. The engine supports the loading of pictures and maps and another features like real-time combat, dual weapon wielding and a GUI inventory. The editor is a visual environment for the creation of adventures, it has scripting support. The scripting can be used for create items, weapons and spells. The scripting languages you can use are VBScript or JScript, this is sad, because those programmers who has skilling in the popular javascript language, have to be forced to learn another language. Scripts can load maps and images when certain events happen. Finally, the editor produces a compressed file with all the data which can be distributed easily. 3 Skulls is the first game to be created with the Editor to show its capabilities. The official site provide support to game development with Legendary Tales and provide scripting tutorials.
The game is not multiplayer. Only runs on windows, not Mac or Linux, and there are problems detected on vista. For anyone wishing to run LT in Microsoft Vista, you may get an error. It appears that you must run the engine as an administrator in order for the game to work. That's because LT works with msscript.ocx. That's how JScript files are executed. This is a "protected" file in Vista and LT needs to be executed in administrator mode to access it.
The editor needs some improvements and the interface needs more funcionalities, but still is a nice editor.
If you like the RPG games and want to write your own programs, you have the right tools at hand.

Vanesa Paez
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  • Nice graphics
  • Many options to build your own game


  • Need improvements in the interface of the editor
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